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  My Mission

I’ve been inspired by many remarkable people, and now I want to use what I have learned to try and inspire others.  Through my successes and failures, so much of the experience I’ve gained has been influenced by the people I am lucky enough to consider advisors mentors and friends.  Now I want to give back what has been given to me, and hopefully pay forward the goodness that others have bestowed on me.  Whether it is information about starting a business, becoming an effective leader, building a network- or something I share about my daily life- I know how valuable having people I respected and trusted around me to provide guidance and ideas has been in my personal and professional successes.  I hope to use this blog to create a place for sharing with you the things that I have learned. I am especially interested in helping other women who want to pursue entrepreneurship or anything else they set out to accomplish.  No relationship is ever in one single direction- if I can help someone else to achieve a goal or learn a new skill, I believe I will gain from the experience as much as I give.  My journey has been a long and unlikely one.  I overcame the odds to get to where I am today and I believe that if I could do it, with a little bit of help, so can you.