Elevate Your Wardrobe

We understand the struggles of wanting to look good without breaking the bank. Who doesn’t want to look their best? 

As trends come and go, there are classic and timeless pieces that can elevate anyone’s outfit. Those pieces don’t have to be expensive! Get yourself good quality pieces that you don’t have to spend more than you need to. 

Here are 10 tips to elevate your wardrobe at ModaBox

  • Wear black

Black is a classic color that is very well associated with high fashion brands. It is also a neutral color which can be easily paired with anything so you can look chic and expensive. 

What’s your LBD style? Do you prefer a-line, fitted or flowy? Let ModaBox put together affordable options for you to try.

  • Wear a blazer 

A blazer is a good way to polish up your outfit. It can easily be paired with a nice top. For business settings, we recommend a structured blazer in power colors black, red, or navy. For casual weekend outings or event, opt for bright colors, patterns, embroidery or even a denim blazer.

  • Wear pieces that fit well 

Get clothes that fit you well or invest in alterations at your nearest dry cleaners, who usually do alterations for a small and worth it fee. Consider this an investment in yourself and your wardrobe. 

ModaBox offers discounts on items that we send you that may require small alterations. 

  • Replace buttons for an updated look

The buttons on many inexpensive clothes tend to be basic and cheap looking. Swap those buttons for more expensive looking ones at an inexpensive price. You can find beautiful buttons at your nearest arts & crafts store or on items in your closet that you don’t wear anymore. 

We love upcycling and all efforts to protect our planet! It’s a way of being sustainable! 

  • Say NO to wrinkles 

Before you wear all these nice fitted classy clothes to work, make sure your outfit is wrinkle-free. Steam or iron them. Wearing a wrinkled garment is unappealing and will certainly downgrade your look.

ModaBox stylists steams all of your outfits before shipping them, making sure all wrinkles are removed. 

  • Wear pointed heels or flats 

Pointed shoes give an illusion of the upper class. With so many colors, print, and fabrics, you should have a few options in your closet. Make a bold statement with leopard print or strut with ease in a patent leather waterproof pair. 

  • Carry a structured bag 

A woman needs her bag! A structured bag is practical and functional, replacing the hassle involved with everyday lugging. You don’t need a an expensive bag to look expensive. 

ModaBox carries an array of styles, colors and sizes. Let us help you pick the best one that fits your lifestyle. Request up to 3 bags at one time to pair with outfits in your closet before you commit to one or all!

  • Wear statement jewelry

Accessories can make or break your outfit. Statement jewelry can give the illusion of wealth. These jewelry pieces do not have to cost a lot. Find and wear quality made pieces for an instant outfit update.

  • Coordinate your outfit 

Nothing ruins a look like poor coordination and excessive accessorizing. Take the time to make sure your outfit and accessories look well put together.

  • Buy quality items 

There are inexpensive items that will wear out after a few washes. It’s important to invest in quality pieces that you know will last a long time. 

We understand that our fabrics aren’t completely sustainable but we take on sustainability in a different way. We style and provide quality clothing that you can wear multiple ways and for a long time. That way, we consume less while looking our best. 

We’ve got you covered. Literally.

No matter what you wear, confidence is key!

We’ll focus on your wardrobe, while you handle everything else. Make your wardrobe list, get it delivered. Request a ModaBox