Hot-Weather Fashion Tips To Stay Cool and Comfortable

With summer heating up to high temps, calming shades and airy textures offer an easy elegance for work and leisure. 

Professional attire may seem at odds with hot weather. In fact, the ubiquity of business suits is one of the reasons offices pump the A/C high in the summer. While dressing down may not be the norm everywhere, there are still ways to beat the heat and stay within your office dress code or modest for those all important formal summer occasions.

Step up your wardrobe and shed those layers without compromising style and etiquette.

Here are some tips:

Choose your fabrics wisely

A successful summer wardrobe is one that is textile-savvy. Stick to lightweight breathable fabrics like linen, silk blends, 100% cotton and loose-fitting denim. Choose lighter colors where possible to keep yourself sweat-free.

Balance is key

It’s hot! No one in corporate or smart casual settings want to be drenched in sweat from wearing unnecessary layers. However showing too much skin might cause a stir- the one that gets you a call from HR. The best way forward is to take a balanced approach to your skin-baring. Stay fashionable, comfortable and covered when your life requires a hint of modesty.

Invest in a Tailor or DYI

Shorter hemlines do not need to be banished from your workwear wardrobe, but if you find yourself lost through a series of shorts, skirts and dresses that feel a tad bit flimsy, opt for one of the endless smart, tailored options available at ModaBox

Keep it simple

Save the extra pizzaz for Fall. There’s nothing wrong with a classic, free-flowing midi dress, particularly if you’re sporting a suntan. If the straps are slender and the neckline is low, seek out some careful and light layering underpinnings to make it work for the office, such as wearing a white T-shirt underneath to offer more coverage.

Cool down your heels

Please abandon your sticky and sweaty pumps for a shoe style that’s more breathable. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to wear gladiator sandals to work, so you’ll need to get a little creative to find comfortable, full-coverage footwear. Think materials like lace, and details like eyelets and peep toes.

Sara, one of our Expert Stylists, suggests:

Simple Jewelry ~ Adding your favorite pair of studs or a simple pendant necklace makes such a big difference. 

Light Make-Up ~ No need for a drawn out makeup routine full of heavy products, but add a bit of tinted moisturizer with sunscreen, light eye color and mascara, and a bit of blush. 

White Jeans ~ They can be hard to find. But once you find the right pair, they’re basically magic.

Lightweight jacket ~ Nearly any summer clothing can be dressed up or down, such as adding a blazer to sleeveless dress.

Our warm summer isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Beat the heat and still dress professionally.

When you need to step up your style game, these tips and a ModaBox will do the trick.

Stay cool!