Can you tell, we are obsessed with travel! With the weather warming and vacation time brewing, we are stoked for all things travel.

While you want to be comfortable when you’re on the road (or in the sky), you also want to appear stylish and on trend. And with Instagram bigger than ever, you want those selfies to look good!

To help you appear comfortable as well as trendy, here’s a short list of must haves that you can use to add style as well as comfort to your trip.  Although fashion trends may change, the essentials will always remain the same.

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Why spend a small fortune every time you get thirsty while you’re on the road. That’s why reusable water bottles is ideal on even the shortest of trips (or commutes for that matter).  Help save the planet as well as money and have a nice refreshing drink available any time. There are so many cute options to choose from that are very comfortable to carry around.

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Even with online boarding passes everywhere, traveling involves a lot of documents, and the best way to carry those around is in a travel wallet. Get one big enough for your boarding passes, cards, cash and the all important passport. The best thing: if you are going to spend the money get one of the wonderful stylish choices out there. That bold scarlett leather wallet will also be very easy to spot in your luggage. Win-win!

And why not get the matching luggage tag so you can very easily spot your bag at the airport.

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Experienced traveler that you are, you know your luggage allowance on the plane already, and as a result of that you also know how to pack your carry on to perfection.

Getting a backpack or a travel bag instead of a carry on means having your hands free while moving around, and with the current number of styles available, there is no reason to get any old boring design!.

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A nice pair of leather loafers can go a long way to get you to your destination in style and comfort. In soft leather there is no need to take them off when on the plane because they will feel like slippers on.

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Perfect for sunny days as well as second day hair syndrome, a nice floppy foldable hat can go a long way to adding oomph to your outfit.