Stay Dry This Spring Come Rain Or Shine!

various raincoats

With Spring comes rain. It’s an inevitable feat. Don’t let it rain on your style parade (pun intended). Cue the cute raincoat! Raincoats are an important piece of your wardrobe. Whatever your style or wherever your location or destination, there is one (or a few) for you – from budget to luxury ModaBox can have you covered (more in style!

Both fashionable and functional, a packable raincoat will be your saving grace while travelling. Lots of brands have added interior pockets to make it easier and safer to store important documents like your passport and chequebook. Minimal fuss, maximum comfort and foldability. Even if you are travelling with a carry-on, you can easily roll up your jacket and pack it away with no issues.

For a city-style, the waterproofed trench coat is a sleek and stylish option and perfect to-and-from the office. Waterproof, windproof and breathable. Pair with your business looks during the week and transform your look into a cool-but-casual outfit on the weekends.

A lightweight, weather-proofed parka is a relaxed choice, always in style and will keep you and your hair dry without an umbrella. Getting one with a thicker and removable lining will set you up for 3 seasons.

A great piece to keep in your bag: the poncho, to wear over any regular coat when the heavens open. Get one in clear material to show your style underneath or a color to brighten up the day.

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