9 Essentials For The Stylish Woman’s Wardrobe

Fashion week has inspired the world for years and years and being stylish is an attainable goal! If you walk around the streets of New York, London, Buenos Aires, Madrid or Berlin,  to name but a few, you will find that the most stylish women always remain classy. So what are their secrets? What do stylish women around the world have in their wardrobes? For starters, small independent brands are an integral part of The Stylish Woman’s outfit.
As fashion changes all the time, feeling fashionable with clothes you bought last season isn’t going to work. But fortunately, we all can have basics that stand the test of time. And even though your style keeps developing, these capsules can match your expectations, whatever evolution your looks go through. So whatever style you are going for, these items will be great value to your outfits at any time!

1. White t-shirt: the staple of your wardrobe. It can match with all your outfits, from classy to streetwear. Furthermore, white matches with every other color and all patterns! If you are out of ideas for your outfits, starting with a white t-shirt should help get you inspired. So always make sure you have a few good quality tees on standby.

2. Black jeans: What’s more versatile than a pair of black jeans? You can wear them with pumps or sneakers, on a relax day or a work day. They match with all kind of looks, whether relaxed, or professional. It’s the perfect backdrop for colored or printed shoes, or other colored accessories. And even if you want to keep it simple, your best friend will obviously remain these jeans!

3. Sneakers: Going somewhere without a pair of sneakers is a big mistake. Even if you want to look classy, bring them with you in case you will be walking a lot. Fortunately, you can now find sneakers which make you chic and fashionable as well as comfortable.

4. Small handbag: What would we do without our bags? A small bag is above all an accessory to add style to your outfits, but it is also very practical. Otherwise, where will you put your phone, keys, etc? I personally like a cross-body handbag, because you can wear it in many ways. On one shoulder to look classy and chic, and cross-body for a more casual look. If you dress understated in muted colors or neutrals, adding a colored bag can add style and focus to your look. And if you dress more colorful in general, what could be more usefull than a small black leather bag?

5. Sunglasses: Never forget to bring a pair of sunglasses with you! You will be glad you did during your coffee break on that lovely sunny terrace. And if you are late someday and you didn’t have enough time to put makeup on, consider them your best friend. Add red lipstick and go!

6. Classic blazer: A good black blazer can inspire looks that are simultaneously chic and casual. Blazers have long outgrown the workwear-only territory and can work for many situations, from summer to winter.

7. Pumps: We all want to be chic wherever we go, any time of the day, right? Bring a classic pair of pumps with you and be ready for dinner or going out in a matter of minutes. Day to night upgrade made easy for The Stylish Woman.

8. Blouse: A great blouse can help you out on many occasions. A dinner, an interview, or just visiting? You can wear it with your most beautiful blazer or with your favorite denim jacket. Whatever your mood, the perfect blouse can add real value to your look. And for those who don’t like to look professional, you can choose to wear an oversized style (or men shirt) and be on the cutting edge.  Yes, even in a blouse you can feel relaxed!

9. Earrings: Accessories can make big difference to any outfit. There are so many different styles around, there is plenty of choice for everyone: big or small hoops for a soft look, but also bright ones, with different patterns. So what are you waiting for? Ask your stylist to add some earrings to your next ModaBox!

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