Building your Dream while Working a Fulltime Job

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Building your dream while working a fulltime job

I often wonder how many of us are in a place in our lives, right this minute, where we arrived at after following the path that our society or our family has carved out for us. Your father was a doctor or a lawyer, so it was only natural you became one too? Sound familiar?

Staying on the beaten path, getting those health care benefits, the full 401K, the lovely house and the car. The life society has pictured for us. But all the while living life on autopilot, living it in reverse if you will. Solving problems rather than getting one step ahead of life and setting ourselves up for success by following our dreams.

Have you ever felt the same way and can you relate?

The people around us want us to be safe, healthy, financially secure. What about happiness? Where does happiness fit into that scenario? 

Does happiness come last?

Does waking up every day doing what we love, have any meaning in our lives?

How many of us are (maybe still secretly) dreaming of something more.. something bigger, something.. exciting.. even?!
But as much as we dream of living a different life, it’s risky to leave our safe environment and the life we know and are comfortable in, to pursue our dream.

I remember starting out in the corporate world, having all the security, safety and financial stability I could ask for. Living the auto-pilot life.

Until this feeling started lingering in my mind and my body. I spent my nights sleepless, secretly dreaming about a different life. And asking myself: what if  I could wake up feeling excited about my day? How much would this affect my mood for the rest of my life?

My wakeup call

For me, that was my wakeup call. It was what I needed to quit my safety job and follow my dream. It took me 4 years to get up the courage to do that. Better late than never right?!

Maybe you have a family, children, a mortgage, or other things to consider. Maybe you don’t have enough savings to get started.

How do you transition? How DO you get started?

Consider this: Not having the luxury to quit your job immediately, doesn’t mean you have to quit your dream altogether.

Build your dream on the side in your free time. After all, we are all given the same amount of time, 24 hours a day. And most jobs only take 8!

The life of an entrepreneur isn’t for everyone and that’s a good thing. If everyone went into business for themselves, the motor of our society would stop. So we all have our place and role to play in the world. And that’s great!

But for the ones who do dream of a different life:

If you want something bad enough, you will find a way. If not, you will find an excuse.

You may not be able to afford to quit your job right now, BUT:  can you afford to quit your dream?