Simplify Your Life

Simplify Your Life

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Do you ever feel like there just isn’t enough hours in the day to accomplish everything on your list or that you waste most of your morning rummaging through your closet for an outfit? At ModaBox, we believe that time is the most valuable asset we’ll ever have. We know that an extra 20-30 minutes daily can make a big impact in our lives and instead of using our brain power to decide what to wear we can use it to make more important decisions or spend the time to enhance our life. With the following steps, we truly believe you can simplify and improve your lifestyle!

Quality Over Quantity
We all have the tendency to want the things we do not have even though it just builds clutter in our homes. For example, even though you just bought a pair of sneakers the other day, you still want the pair that everyone else is now obsessing over. As humans, we are all guilty of buying mass amounts of items that we do not need whether it is clothes, food, gadgets, or homeware. But in order to simplify your life and your surroundings, it is important to practice quality over quantity. It is not about how many items you have in your closet or generally in your home. It is about the quality of your possessions and the value that they add to your life. Instead of buying 10 of the same t-shirt that is on sale, consider investing in one item of really great quality that you know will last you for years. If you do not feel that every item in your closet holds a purpose in your life, you probably do not need it. Do not accumulate items that you think you will use some day but instead keep the pieces that you know you need and add value to your life. You do not need to increase the quantity to improve your life, but you should be increasing quality!

Clear space clear mind
At some point in your life, you have probably been told that a clean room leads to a clean mind. Well, the same goes for your closet and getting dressed in the morning! Make mornings quicker and simpler by taking the time to get rid of clutter and disorganization in your closet. If you already have a million things running through your mind, the last thing you need is having to worry whether you look presentable for work. Details can strongly impact appearance, so if you accidentally grab the pair of pants that are a little too long or the blouse that has one button missing, we can look a little unprofessional. You should be able to easily find clothes and clearly see everything in your closet, especially when you are rushing. By keeping our closets organized and updated, we won’t have to worry about grabbing the wrong items during our rushed morning routines. You won’t spend 20 minutes of your morning looking for that blouse that is under a pile of clothes or for that one belt you thought you saw on the floor a few days ago. A clear space not only creates a clear mind but it also results in an easier and healthier lifestyle by making your daily tasks simple, seamless, and convenient!

Out of Sight Out of Mind
Remember that dress that you swore you would wear more than once? Or that vintage shirt you convinced yourself you would find a way to style? Be honest about the last time you wore the items that stay in the back of your closet. When simplifying your life, it might be time to implement the out of sight, out of mind tactic. Every item that sits in the back of your closet or your drawer gathering dust is probably something that you rarely ever think about. And if you are not consciously thinking about it, you probably do not need it. Often, we keep things packed away because of sentimental value and emotional attachment. But it might be time to give up that dress you wore once ten years ago and make room for the pieces that you know you are going to wear. Go through your closet and get rid of the pieces that have not been touched in months and make room for the high-quality items that add value to your wardrobe!

With busy schedules and crazy work days, time is a valuable asset that must be maximized. At ModaBox, we believe that no one should start their day stressing over the mess in their closet or wasting time looking for an outfit. With these steps in mind, we hope you can make your days simpler, quicker, and brighter!

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