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In an age driven by technology, every industry must stay up to date on the latest algorithms and technological advancements in hopes of staying relevant in the fast-paced, modern world we live in. Even entrepreneurs who possess no background in Computer Science, have utilized technology to develop their corporations. For example, Brian Chesky who graduated with a degree in Design was still determined to turn Airbnb into the hospitality and lodging company it is today with the help of modern technology. At our fingertips, we can order a black car service such as Uber to pick us up or experience an incredible travel journey with Airbnb, all while also seamlessly having our meals delivered to our doorstep. So why should your shopping experience be any different? For many years we pondered around the mall parking lots in hopes of finding the perfect parking spot only to then spend hours searching the rolling racks — jumping from store 1,2,3 just to get the perfect outfit for your Saturday night date. Why should shopping for clothes be so complicated while everything else is advancing? ModaBox was born with the mission to make personal styling more easily accessible to the everyday women and bring a new way of shopping right from the comfort of your own home. That is how the beauty of technology came into place!

As a fashionista living in a tech world, I strive to learn new ways to improve and diversify my business. With the goal of further educating myself, I have recently read The Fuzzy and the Techie which “explores the vital role of the Liberal Arts in humanizing our technology. Fuzzies help us apply our new tools with context, consideration, and relevance to the greatest human problems”. Inspired by his words, I met with venture capitalist and author of the book, Scott Hartley. During our talk, I had the pleasure of hearing his insight and commentary behind the book and the need for “fuzzies” in a digital world. The collaboration between technology and liberal arts is a concept that I strongly believe in, especially in the fashion industry. Because of technological advancements, I am able to constantly evolve my company and better accommodate the needs of my clients.

If you had asked me ten years ago if I would be running a tech company, I would have said you are crazy. I do not have a background in computer science and barely understand what my tech partner says to me half the time. But with the beauty of technology, I have been able to create a more seamless styling experience for my clients. The reason I started ModaBox was to utilize technology to help women build the fashion wardrobe they are looking for. As a “fuzzy”, I am the human connection between the consumer and computer algorithms. I serve as the voice of our clients and play a crucial role in our company’s operations.

However, although my role as a fuzzy is key in understanding our clients, I knew I needed a techie to guide me into the world of technology. But as a fuzzy and a techie, we don’t always speak the same language. It is important to find a partner that is right for you and will work as a cohesive and harmonious unit. It can be challenging finding the right partner, but it is all about identifying your weaknesses and working together to create the right blend of art and tech. I was fortunate enough to have met my existing partner many years ago during previous projects. With this in mind, do not be discouraged if you cannot seem to find a partner who shares the same vision as you. Build and nourish the relationships that you develop through your network and see where each connection takes you. Who knows, the perfect tech partner could be someone you already know!

No matter what technological advancements are made next, “fuzzies” will always serve as a necessary, artistic, and humanistic element of every business. As a fashionista, I prioritize the needs of my clients and will always work to better satisfy their needs. But I also strongly value the role that my “techie” plays in the daily development of our business. To grow in a digital world, a company must master the perfect balance of tech and liberal arts, and remember, always innovate!

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