NRF Radical Startup – National Retail Federation Conference

Radical Retail at NRF

There are a lot of impressive innovations in the works for the world of Retail entrepreneurship. Disruptive technologies are changing the game of the retail industry. This past January, I had the wonderful opportunity to speak amongst a panel of retail’s disruptive thinkers. It just so happens that the panel was a group of pioneering, inspirational women. Each of us has had successful careers in notable brands such as Vogue, Google, Burberry, Limited Brands, Limelight, AHAlife, and have taken the initiative to step out on our own to create radical new ideas in retail.


Every day there is new startup being formed, but very few are successful industry game changers. Every day entrepreneurs are working to improve the way we shop, pay for things, travel, listen to music, share news, etc.The women and I discussed how the consumer has changed, and how we plan to evolve with them. We spoke about how the various new technologies like augmented reality, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and even robotics have influenced our consumer’s shopping behavior- how they interact with brands and make purchasing decisions. The last topic we touched base on was the role of big data and how to compete on a global level. These are paramount topics that are shaping the way we, entrepreneurs, think and plan and the way consumers shop.
The future for radical startups and entrepreneurship seems very bright. I felt very honored to share what I have learned in this industry to the audience, amongst this group of brilliant women.

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