Moving Forward with Progress

Dear ModaBox,

I was first drawn to ModaBox because of it’s values in women empowerment, and Monica’s personal story about how she started the company from the ground up. I think as an Asian American woman, and an individual who is still evolving, I can still get caught up in the self effacing attitude that I acquired in high school and believing that there were certain barriers to my success because of my sex and ethnicity. In the ModaBox blog, we talk a lot about women role models and mentors, and growing up I only had myself and the media for reminders of women empowerment, both of which were very unreliable sources. It wasn’t until towards the end of college and post graduation that I gained women role models and mentors who taught me that women should care about other women and help them in their successes. Having a lot of girl friends who were just as insecure as I was, I didn’t see a lot of  this in my adolescence.

Stories like Monica’s are so inspiring for young women and hopeful entrepreneurs like myself because taking the risks that she had are in reality, very scary and sometimes we feel, out of reach, and we need stories like hers to eradicate our fears of failure. Why shouldn’t we strive for our secret goals we deem unreachable?

We are all on our own personal paths where it’s easy to forget that we’re not alone. I think that in our own personal growth, it is so important to surround yourself with people who inspire you to reach your highest potential, and more. I think every person is capable of more than they think they are. Believe in yourself, and believe in others. This is something that I have to remind myself of everyday, and it really is hard to remember, especially because of the inevitability of people who will bring us down, or disillusions we create in our heads by comparing ourselves to people we think are better than us. Don’t give up. The point of growing is learning how to overcome challenges. In the end, you will become a much stronger person.

Thank you to ModaBox for the lessons and experience. Thank you Monica for being a great mentor, leader, and inspiration. We need more strong women like you who will step up and make a difference.


Rachel Chou


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