The Evolution of Power Dressing in the Workforce


With the evolution of Women’s clothing, we see intertwined with it the historical growth that women have made in society, especially in the workforce. But what remained somewhat consistent throughout the years was the portrayal of women’s bodies as sexualized items even in the workforce. But at this year’s Fashion Week all around the world, a new movement of fashion was presented: Power Dressing.

In support of the age of women empowerment, fashion designers worldwide are sending the message that women have a voice that needs to be heard. From Paris to New York, designers are confirming that the future is in fact female.

Power dressing serves to empower and prepare women for battle in the workforce with an “armored wardrobe” including pieces like power suits, strong-shouldered jackets, and knee-high boots, all absent of the message of fragility. It promotes a new look, “one that doesn’t have to do with imitating the job you want, but rather having the confidence to do what you have to do” (NYTIMES).

As women are constantly breaking down industry walls, their fashion statements are doing the same. Some of the most empowering looks from fashion week were the work of female designers, including Victoria Beckham who described her line in three words, “strength, reality, and identity” (EveningStandard). Many other designers including Louis Vuitton, Jenna Lyons, Michelle Smith, and Alexander Wang shared Beckham’s support for powerful women. Fashion is so much more than just cute coats and expensive heels. It is a message and a change in history.

With fashion joining the movement of women empowerment, there is truly no better time than now for women to take risks and exceed expectation in every industry. While the world and fashion are still not perfect and feminist statements still receive the occasional sexist response, a huge shift has occurred in the mindset of society. Respect for women is no longer a mere suggestion, but instead is a demanded and mandatory aspect that should be present in every work environment.

It can still be extremely difficult to find confidence when you are entering unfamiliar territory whether it be a new career or a new work venture. But as I have said before, I am a huge believer in clothes helping to exude confidence. If I am comfortable and happy in my appearance, my confidence level is higher. With that said, dress, however, you want to dress and embrace the style that is an extension of who you are. My clothes are a reflection of the different parts of me that I want to share with the world. I want the world to hear my voice and all that I have to offer.

The emergence of power dressing marks another notch on the timeline of women’s fashion and serves as a symbol of the ever-growing list of women’s advancements. The future is not perfect, but it is definitely brighter.

Even though fashion trends come and go, I have a feeling that this one is here to stay.

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