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Success in Style- Mixing Print

Dressing fashionable at the office may not always be the easiest task. Translating popular trends into your everyday work wear can be very challenging. With your busy days filled with personal and professional demands, the last thing you want to worry about is what to wear. Be that as it may, you still need to have fun with your style and outwardly express your career ambitions.
A fast and powerful approach to directly highlighting your professional mission statement is to have your business wardrobe match your qualities, skills, and objectives. To remain large and in charge, it is vital to consider the various situations that will come up in your workplace- both planned and unplanned. You should strive to curate outfits and make apparel/accessory purchases that will adhere to your professional aspirations. It is crucial not to overlook the fact that the way you introduce yourself is your personal brand.
In this series, I will be highlighting a few style trends that can be translated from a staff meeting to after work drinks. The first trend I will dissect is mixing prints. This trend is not the easiest to execute, but I will show how this can be done and transformed into business attire.




The first thing I’m going to tell you is to coordinate the colors of your outfit, not the prints. If the colors look great together, more often than not, the prints will look great together as well. In case you don’t know which colors go best together, there are some general color coordinating rules to help you out available online; however, it is truly a matter of individual preference. All things considered, you’ll never go wrong with black and white for office wear — they go with everything. Notice how well this off-white chevron blouse pairs with the multi-colored Aztec print dress. That’s because it’s not about the prints, it’s about the colors.


Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 2.01.16 PM


Another style tip I’ve learned is that simple and graphic prints are easier to mix and match. This is the reason stripes, particularly black and white stripes, pair well with just about everything. Stripes are so simple; they are essentially the neutral of prints. If you want to look taller and slimmer, vertical lines are the way to go. Intricate prints, like the chevron and Aztec look I created above, can look great together with expertise. This may not be that simple to pull off — shades and print sized are critical, but just like with everything else in life: practice makes perfect.

Take heed that general dress codes vary per working environment and professional field. For instance, your office’s business casual dress code may be an everyday affair allowing you to wear denim and open-toed shoes or whatever your heart desires. The next person’s company’s definition of casual is exclusive to their occasional Casual Fridays, and may still require them to adhere to the denim free and closed-toe shoe policy. So I advise you always to use your best judgment and tweak popular trends as necessary. That way you can look, feel, and work your best both in and out of the office.


Full Look style by ModaBox 

Photo by Grant Friedman 

Make Up by Vicky Phanthasone

Assistant by Kimberly Geneus

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