Don’t Let Labels Define You

This Pantene commercial is a simple but effective way to illustrate the gender inequalities and double standard women face that are inherent in society today. These are norms that have been inherent in our culture and have shaped the way that both women and men label powerful women in the workforce. Because of these labels, women are often held back from making it to the top. How many women do you see in executive positions? The top of the executive pyramid is often male dominated.

Feminists have been fighting for gender inequality since the feminist movement in the 60’s; recognizing that women could be just as or more, smart, tough, and powerful than men, but not being offered the same opportunities or equal pay as they were. Gender roles were changing as more women started getting an education and joining the workforce in once male dominated industries, but still, they weren’t gaining the same respect as men.

This mentality may be still engrained in our society, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t change overtime. And you can be a part of this change. Don’t let labels define you and refrain you from reaching your career goals. The more women we have in executive positions, the more exemplification that women should be treated equally to men. Even women sometimes make the unconscious mistake of having gender bias against other women. If women stand for successful women, and men follow suit, there is hope that one day these labels will disappear, and no longer be an unconscious norm.

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