Using Social Media As a Tool

With the rise of the Internet, social media has readily integrated itself in our lives. This makes it an influential marketing tool for businesses. However, this can make us often feel bombarded with advertisements in our everyday lives. Sometimes it feels like when scrolling down our Facebook feed there are more advertisements than updates from our friends. Pop up ads are as annoying as the flies that we swat away. In the same way, it can feel like companies are kowtowing for our attention and money by using the brightest colors, and commercials with the highest shock value. It can be overwhelming. 

I believe social media should be about creating a brand and connecting with the consumers, allowing them to be a part of your journey. Utilize your social media in a way that consumers will be genuinely interested in the new ideas you come up with, and will want to stay connected. One company that does a great job of this is Warby Parker. A start-up company that once only sold online now has retail stores opening up all across the United States. What makes their store different than other glasses stores is that they have designed it as a library, attributing it to something out of the 19th century with tall shelves of books, rolling ladders, and shelves of eyewear in between. And their social media presence follows this bookish theme, creating a brand that is innovative, different, and playful. On their facebook page there are less advertisements for their products and more event invites to book events, celebrations of editors like Marley Dias, and more. And with interesting content comes a natural flow of excited consumers who like and comment on their posts complementing their endeavors with genuine praise for their products.

If you want to get people’s genuine interest, be different from the mold, and put out content that is genuine, helpful, interesting. Don’t be just another fly.

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